Friday, February 10, 2012

Beverly Hills 90210 Entangle Game - Cardinal Games 1991

Get 'Entangled' with the hit T.V. Show "Beverly Hills 90210" is what it says on the box.

Nice box!

This game comes with a very complicated looking spinner that tells you what to step on. Right foot Brenda's face? Left hand Kelly's big hair?

The back of the box shows you how much fun it is to play this game. Perhaps they spent all of their money on the rights and couldn't pay a couple of teens to look like this is a good time? mmm let's take a closer look....

Ok players! It's time for you to press your tits against Brandan, right hand Andrea's boob and a Brenda look-a-like to sit on Kelly while 'catching her balance' on her chest! (oldest trick in the book)

This is the very large 'Twister' mat that takes it all home. It is complete with autographs, stage names along with Donna and David groping each other. What could be better than that?!?

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